Nails Y'all


Where are you located?

I’m over the moon to be the nail artist at Paloma Botanical Beauty Parlour in Austin, TX. We’re located at 4600 Mueller Blvd #1005. In addition, I do parties, events, and weddings as Nails Y’all, bringing the fancy nails to you.

How do I book? Do you take walk-ins?

Please click on the “Book” tab to come get fancy!

How much does nail art cost?

Nail art is priced per nail, at $3, $5, and $7. Every appointment starts with a consultation; we can go over the pricing specifics and any other questions you might have.

Are my nails too short?

No way, girl! I’ve done BABY NAILS. There is no reason why your tiny nails shouldn’t look ahhh-mazing! Whether you bite ‘em, pick ‘em, or just can’t grow ‘em, I can make them fancy.

How do I choose my design?

Girl, this is your world! Did you find something you LOVE on Pinterest or Tumblr? Bring me the photo and we can incorporate elements into your own custom design. Or you can choose from a wide selection of Nails Y’all original designs! (P.S. I have so much glitter.)

My nail art is 100% hand-painted! No stickers, stamps, or stencils here. I use very thin brushes, dotting tools, and other tricks of the trade to achieve my designs—plus, as a cartoonist, I’ve got years of practice drawing really tiny things.

How long will my mani last?

That depends. Nail art using regular polish will last as long as regular polish typically lasts you. I do use a great topcoat that keeps your nails extra-fresh.

There are a few ways for you to extend the life of your mani: use gloves when doing dishes, hydrate with a good cuticle oil, and reapply a thin coat of topcoat a few days in, making sure to cap the tips.

Does Nails Y’all do parties?

YES!! Birthday, bachelorette, wedding, girls’ night in, office, kiddo—you provide the girls + booze, I provide everything else! Contact me for details:

Do you do acrylics?

Nah, girl. I work with your natural nails. But I do offer custom press-ons, if you love length!

Do you do pedicures?

Currently, it’s fingers-only.

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